Promote Actions in Accessing COVID-19 Testing, Vaccine & Treatments

COMCOVID is a programme initiated by CHESTRAD Global to piloted in 3 states (Lagos, Osun and Oyo) to strengthen and reform the primary healthcare system in Nigeria.

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ComCOVID19 represents a unique aggregator platform, engaging citizens in COVID19 response, yet linking such action into efforts to strengthen PHC in Nigeria. Intervention aligns with the gaps and strategic actions that have been identified with duty bearers and stakeholders. They further align with regional and global directions to curb the pandemic and build resilience within health systems for epidemic preparedness.

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Action Areas

Strengthen Action Hubs

Establish and/or strengthen citizens led action hubs that will promote awareness and engagement in access to testing, treatment, vaccination and other related COVID19 interventions.

Reduce Vaccine Hesitancy

Support vaccine introduction and reduce hesitancy through infodemic management. This provides for the establishment of a COVID19 Infodemic management contact team.

Integrate into PHC Systems

Promote the integration of COVID19 response into PHC systems through policy advocacy and dialogue.

Increase Capacity For Government’s Mechanisms

to facilitate collective and coordinated actions that promote multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder response to COVID-19 vaccination coverage, access, and utilization

Online Learning Portal

Establishing an online learning portal to sustain citizens’ engagement and learning. Develop the online portal of tools, resources and learning