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Head, Citizens’ Hub, Oyo State

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Our collective programs and interventions must not lose sight of the need to re-build a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable health and social system that aims to meet the needs of everyone, everywhere, with special emphasis on those in vulnerable circumstances which are almost always, women, girls, and young persons.

Dr Amina Dorayi
Dr Amina Dorayi
Country Director, Nigeria, Pathfinder Internation

Vaccine equity and justice are for ALL, it should not leave women and young persons behind. coVID19 vaccinations require strong PHC approaches with cross-sector partnerships funded by public budgets and more Financing for build back interventions need to be from blended sources. Women and young persons need to be at the centre of COVID19 Bounce Back interventions Partnerships are required to deliver to the last mile ALL HANDS ON DECK

Dr. Loladare
Dr. Loladare
President, Chestrad Global